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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

Winter Wishes

Senior yearbook staff member Makayla Schluter wrote an article about the National Honor Society’s winter wishes. Please take a moment to read Makayla’s article about all of the winter wishes that they granted this year. Thank you, Makayla!

    Senior NHS member Makayla Schluter delivers a winter wish to Mrs. Angie Woods. Photo by Madison Cornelius.

    Mr.Forneia fulfilled a winter wish for Matthew King by singing to him. Photo by Saleen Jones.

    Sophomore yearbook member Fiona Raney shot the video and senior Chelsea Lovell edited it.

    Basketball Photos

    Our yearbook photographers have been busy photographing the basketball games. The following pictures were taken by sophomore yearbook photographer Toby Hollis.

    Senior Grace Proesch is reaching to get the tip against Cal-Wheat's Sarah Garland.

    Leah Crock goes up over #23 Grace Elvert to score.

    Senior Lexi Crist blocks Cal-Wheat's shot and gets the ball to hand off to Tessa Fields.

    Grace Proesch beats her defender and goes in for a lay up.

    Senior Tessa Fields got a steal from Cal-Wheat's #15 Janna Dierks.

    Darby Hawtrey passes the ball back to Tessa Fields.

    The following photos were taken by senior yearbook photographer Darby Hawtrey.

    Keon McCullough attacks the lane for a layup.

    Keon McCullough attempts and makes a free throw.

    Ethan Sahr drives toward the lane. 

    The following pictures were taken by sophomore yearbook photographer Breylee St. John.

    Senior Tessa Fields goes up for a layup after beating her defender.

    Darby Hawtrey and Lexi Crist tie up the ball against Cal-Wheat causing a jump ball.

    North Cedar High School Wrestling

    The high school wrestling season is in full swing, and our wrestlers are having a wonderful season. Please enjoy these photos by Madison Seligman, sophomore yearbook photographer.

    Devin Willis is turning Tipton's Lucas Barnum in the 152 pound match. Willis won by Tech Fall 15-0 in 5:18.

    Chase Gallagher is breaking down Tipton's Jessie Leisure in the heavy weight match. Gallagher won by pin fall in 3:06 .

    Brody Hawtrey is working on turning Tipton's John Crowley in their 132# match. Crowley won the match in a 8-4 decision.

    North Cedar's Chase Miller is working a turn on West Liberty's Ely Gingerich in the 138# match. Miller lost the match to Gingerich by technical fall 17-0 in 5:16.

    First ever match. Kiara Musser had her debut match against Brian Collins of West Liberty. Musser lost in a pin fall in 1:00.

    Lady Knights Basketball

    Lexus Crist, a senior yearbook member, recently wrote about the season opening for our 2017-2018 North Cedar Lady Knights basketball team. Lexus covers the team’s goals and aspirations for the upcoming season. Please take a moment to read her article highlighting our North Cedar Lady Knights!