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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

Makayla Schluter

Check out this article from The Gazette highlighting North Cedar senior Makayla Schluter's exceptional demonstration of leadership and self discipline. 

Back To Her Roots

A woodworking, forging, crocheting, fishing, softball playing math teacher whose name is Alex Curley. She considers herself “a jack of all trades, master of none.” Alex Curley is a not so new teacher here at North Cedar and is an amazing addition to our group of math teachers, teaching geometry, statistics, and algebra A and B. While this is her first year teaching here, it is not her first time here at North Cedar. Curley graduated from North Cedar in 2012 and accomplished a lot in her four years. By the end of her high school career Curley was valedictorian, a four sport athlete, won the Silver Cord Volunteer scholarship, was involved in student council and math club, was a gallon blood donor, and received the Governor's Scholarship award among many other scholarships. After graduation she went on to attend Simpson College to play softball and rugby and work towards her degree to become a math teacher. Curley graduated from Simpson College in 2016 with the Breakdown National Player of the Week award and two NSCRO national championship appearances for rugby and graduated cum laude with a bachelors of arts degree in mathematics and minors in secondary education and coaching. Curley went into the workforce right away after graduation getting a teaching job at South Central Calhoun Middle School in Rockwell City, Iowa for a year before applying for the open math teacher position here back to her roots at North Cedar. Curley was never really gone though. Since 2015 Curley has been assistant coaching for the Knights softball team and will take the head coaching position this season. 

Since Curley has been in school there have been quite a few changes. Curley says the biggest changes she noticed when she came back as a teacher instead of a student are the building and the grading system. Curley said, “I miss the Stanwood high school like crazy. It doesn’t even feel like the same school I went to. It’s sad seeing the building gone.” Here at North Cedar we are also switching over to a new grading system, standards-based grading. Not only has this system been hard on students, it’s been rough on teachers trying to implement the system in classes as well, “I have very limited experience with standards-based grading, and I'm learning as we go. It's a big transition for me especially not being able to grade homework. In math, the more practice the better.” Standards-based grading is a big transition for all the teachers and students, but with teachers helping the students and the students helping the teachers it is gradually getting easier for everyone. 

Usually people can’t wait to get out of high school and their home town and never look back, but not Alex. Curley said, “Coming back to work at North Cedar was something I always hoped to do. I never thought I would be back in only my second year of teaching, but I'm glad I am.” Coming back to your home town is one thing, but coming back to work with all the teachers you may or may not have liked is a whole different thing. “It wasn't a difficult transition for me to go from student to colleague. All of the staff has welcomed me back with open arms.”

Although Curley is a first year teacher here she already knows what she wants to accomplish at this job she is so passionate about. Curley said, “My goal while working here at North Cedar is to change the mindset of students. We have a tendency here to settle for just being okay. I don't want us to just be okay. I want us to push harder and get better. We need to increase work ethic and accountability.” Curley is more than ready to be involved here at North Cedar and to help students be the best they can be when they leave high school to enter the real world. 

A special thank you to junior Kaitlyn Thompson for writing this article.

Alex Curley playing left field and going for a catch for North Cedar during her high school years.

Alex Curley running track during her high school years.

Alex Curley going for a tackle in rugby during her rugby career in college at Simpson.

Alex Curley playing basketball for North Cedar during her high school years.

Alex Curley coaching then eighth grader and junior varsity player Katie Thompson during her first year of coaching.

Robotics Competition

The North Cedar robotics teams had a successful day at the recent league championships. The Griffin Gears team came home with a trophy for being on the second place team during the tournament part of the competition. The Blood, Sweat, and Gears team had a rough day due to an update on their phones but showed lots of improvement from the start of the season. Way to go, teams!

More photos and videos of the Robotics Competition
Lowden Reading Challenge

101 Lowden students returned their winter break reading challenge sheets. They enjoyed hot chocolate and candy canes thanks to KCO. Keep up the great work! 

More photos of Lowden Reading Challenge
Reading Challenge Celebration

On January 10, 70 Mechanicsville Elementary students were treated to a hot chocolate party for completing their winter reading challenge over the holiday break. It was a great time! Way to go, Knights!

Team Tower Building Project

Mrs. Hamdorf's junior high math classes worked in groups to build towers yesterday. Click on the link below to view photos and videos of the project!

more photos

Lowden and Mechanicsville Receive Shirts

American Trust and Savings Bank in Lowden donated t-shirts to kindergarten students in both Lowden and Mechanicsville. These students were very excited to put on their new shirts showing the year they will graduate from North Cedar!

Shirt Photos

Alumni Awards Ceremony

North Cedar Community School District will award alumni citations to former graduates Colette Freeman, Clarence High School Class of 1952; Calvin Irons, Clarence High School Class of 1961; Wayne Svoboda, Lincoln High School Class of 1973; Dale Kruse, Lincoln High School Class of 1982; and Joel Holst, Clarence-Lowden High School Class of 1981. We will have an awards ceremony on Saturday, January 27 during the basketball games in Clarence. We will recognize the recipients between the varsity girls and boys basketball games at approximately 5:15 p.m. A cake reception will follow the presentation. This event is open to the public, so please join us.

Holiday Cheer

We’ve had fun sharing holiday cheer with our students and with our community! Our junior and senior high staff recently dressed as elves, and our students loved seeing them in costume! Our choir also performed for residents of a local nursing home. Please take a moment to view pictures of our holiday cheer!

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    Winter Wishes

    Senior yearbook staff member Makayla Schluter wrote an article about the National Honor Society’s winter wishes. Please take a moment to read Makayla’s article about all of the winter wishes that they granted this year. Thank you, Makayla!

      Senior NHS member Makayla Schluter delivers a winter wish to Mrs. Angie Woods. Photo by Madison Cornelius.

      Mr.Forneia fulfilled a winter wish for Matthew King by singing to him. Photo by Saleen Jones.

      Sophomore yearbook member Fiona Raney shot the video and senior Chelsea Lovell edited it.