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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

Lowden Elementary PK-3 Music Concert

PK-3 students at Lowden Elementary recently presented a music concert. Please take a moment to view the final song of their performance!

8th Grade Community Service Day

On Monday, Nov. 20, the 8th graders participated in a variety of different community service projects. They made blankets for the Linus Project, helped at the Friends of Animal shelter, cleaned the local park, and worked with students at the elementary school. Here are some photos from the day.

View more photos of 8th Grade Community Service Day
Oz The Great And Powerful

The North Cedar Drama Department put on Oz! by Tim Kelly the weekend of November 10-12 at the Debbie Harms Theatre in Clarence. Twenty-four students were involved in Oz! directed by Terry and Hobert Flory, with Music Director, Peter Fourniea assisting. 

Oz! is about a girl from Kansas named Dorothy, played by junior Shelby Slaton, who was lost in a storm and was taken to the wonderful land of Oz! There, her and her little dog Toto, Marty McAtee, met the munchkins who helped her “Follow the Road,” along with Glinda the Good Witch, played by Kira Jones. She learned about the Emerald City and wanted to ask Oz to fly her back home. Dorothy made three new friends along her journey who each wanted something from Oz themselves. The Tin Woodsman, played by senior Keynan Pearson, the Scarecrow, played by senior Brady Lehrmann, and the Lion, played by senior D. J. Stull, all welcomed Dorothy with a song and even a little bit of dancing before they made their way to Oz. Throughout the play they were stopped many times by the Wicked Witch of the West, played by senior Sam Paup, and her evil flying monkeys. They ended up trapped in her castle where they were forced to do chores. Dorothy found a way to kill the witch by pouring water on her, which resulted in her melting. With the death of their leader, the flying monkeys were set free and helped the prisoners return to Oz to tell him the good news. When they got there, he could not grant their wish, and told them to come back tomorrow. Toto eventually found where he was hiding and pulled Oz, played by senior Ethan St. John, out and showed his real identity. This scam artist of a wizard shocked the characters in surprise, but each person eventually received what they wanted, a heart, a brain, and courage, besides Dorothy. They had no way to fly her back home, so she was stuck there forever. Glinda the Good Witch came out of nowhere and told the story of how she can get Dorothy back to Kansas. The secret was in the shoes! With three simple clicks her silver slippers took both Dorothy and Toto back to Aunt Em, played by senior Darby Hawtrey, but not before waving her new found friends goodbye.

View more photos about the playPutting on a play is hard work. Directors have many challenges including making sure lines are being memorized and making sure backgrounds are being made and are in the right spots at the right times. They also make sure costumes are found for each character and make sure to find a practice schedule that allows every student the opportunity to be involved. Being a small school, everyone is involved in every sport and club imaginable, so it’s challenging to find a schedule that works for every person. At most practices, half the cast wasn’t there due to sports. Despite all of these conflicts, everyone still came together and produced a fantastic show.

Many memories are made while preparing for the performances. Whether it’s seeing our choir director’s twins that were just born, or singing and dancing to music, it will be something I won’t forget. If you were in theatre, you too probably know what I’m talking about. There's something magical about drama. It brings people together and breaks the stereotypical upper classmen and lower classmen rival. Everyone is equal and no one is judged on who they are because we are all different characters and mostly are all out of our comfort zones. I’ve also grown closer to people I never knew I had common interests in. It’s definitely amazing seeing the transition from the first day of rehearsal where you only know the people in your grade that you feel safe with, to the last day of rehearsal where you can go up and have a conversation with anyone. Most importantly our program is a family. 

This year we have seven graduating seniors that fill big roles in and out of the Drama Department. We welcomed two new faces into our program this year, Darby Hawtrey who played Auntie Em, and D. J. Stull who played the Lion. Both were excellent additions to our program and they each made the musical extra special. In addition to these two, Keynan Pearson, Ethan St. John, Jasmine Doty, Brady Lehrman, and Sam Paup are all seniors as well. These seniors are hardworking and really deserve the extra round of applause. 

A special thank you to Breylee St. John for writing this article.

Veterans Day

“A Veterans Day to Remember,” by Toby Hollis

We were grateful to have several veterans attend our Veterans Day assembly, including guest speaker Bob Knight. Our Toby Hollis wrote about Bob Knight and about that very special assembly. Please take a moment to read Toby’s article.

Senior Brittyn Wilhau welcomes guest speaker and Vietnam veteran Bob Knight to the podium. Photo by sophomore yearbook photographer Madison Seligman.

Members of the Lowden Legion reserved seating so they could salute the colors. Photo by sophomore yearbook photographer Kayla Paup.

Lowden Legion saluting the flag. Photo by sophomore yearbook photographer Kayla Paup.

Veterans Day guest speaker Bob Knight talks about some of his experiences during the Vietnam War. Knight shared black and white photos of himself and men from his company in the jungles of Vietnam riding tanks.

Junior Sadie Brown holds up a welcome home poster to recognize the sacrifices Vietnam veterans made and to give a special thanks to Bob Knight for his service. Photo by Madison Seligman.

Seventh grader Annika Stillwagon holds up a welcome home sign for Bob Knight after his Veterans Day speech. Photo by Madison Seligman.

Seventh grader Haley Hansen holds up the sign for the army. The junior high band, under the direction of Katelyn McKone, played the Armed Forces Medley. When the song of a military branch began, a student would hold up a sign to let the audience know which branch the song was honoring. Photo by Kayla Paup.

State Cheerleading Competition

Our North Cedar cheerleaders competed in the state cheerleading competition in Des Moines on Saturday, November 4. They did a great job representing our school, and the entire North Cedar community could not be prouder of them!

The girls in this photo in the back row are Amber Kelsey, Fiona Raney, Brittyn Wilhau, and Haven Brown. In the center are Kira Jones and Alyssa Higbee. To the left are Chelsea Lovell and Cassie Cox. 

"We were just four points away from a trophy," claimed Amber Kelsey. The team members in the back row are Mikayla Burcum, Amber Kelsey, Fiona Raney, Chelsea Lovell, Cassidy Sander, Jasmine Doty, Callie Meyer, Kira jones, and Cassie Cox. The front row consists of Brittyn Wilhau, Mercedes Brown, Haven Brown, and Alyssa Higbee. 

Fiona Raney held up the sign during the routine. 

The girls perform a jump, which was towards the end of their cheer-dance routine. In the air are Mercedes Brown, Fiona Raney, Alyssa Higbee, Rachel Hart, and Haven Brown. Kneeling are Callie Meyer, Brittyn Wilhau, Amber Kelsey, and Kira Jones.

Tumbling to State

The North Cedar cheer squad has added tumbling to their skill set, and they hope to head to the state competition this year. Learn more about their progress and their new assistant coach in this article by Elizabeth.

Iowa Youth Straw Poll

Mr. Crittenden's government classes participated in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll on Wednesday, November 1. Students had the opportunity to voice their opinion on the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and the presidential races. Thank you to Mr. Crittenden for introducing the students to the voting process, and for showing them how important their voice is in the voting process.

International Day

Mr. Hoefler took 30 junior students to the International Day at the University of Iowa. It was quite an experience for the students! They had a great time and learned a lot.

Knight News Video

Please take a moment to view our Knight news video. It is like a news channel, and we are spreading any important news throughout the building. Enjoy!